Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a PopcornBall?

The PopcornBall is 7.5 inch sphere container made from polypropylene plastic. It is BPA free and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It consist of a bottom half, and top half, and a lid with a silicone gasket to seal the lid tight. It can hold up to 15cups of popcorn.  The bottom is flat so that it will not roll.  The outside has finger grips for easy spinning, and the inside features a fin to aid in mixing. Perfect for at home, at the movies, or anywhere else!

Why use a PopcornBall?

IT'S FUN!!!!  It also is convenient and makes mixing popcorn hassle free. If you are mixing up popcorn in a bowl you have to gingerly stir the popcorn around and if the bowl isn't big enough you are spilling out the sides. If you are at the movies and you add extra butter, salt, or seasonings all you're getting is a bunch on the top. Fill the PopcornBall up about 3/4 full with cooked popcorn, add your favorite toppings, and then spin in your hands. Simple, fast, and fun.  What will you mix in yours!

Is it dishwasher safe?   


Is it microwave safe?  


Is it BPA Free? 


Can it be used to cook popcorn?

It is microwave safe although we suggest you stove top or air pop your popcorn and then use the PopcornBall to mix together your favorite toppings. If you do choose to use the PopcornBall in the microwave place 1/2 cup or less of dry popping corn for 2 to 2 and a half minutes on high. Do not use oils or butter during the microwaving.

Does it come in more colors?

We are a brand new company with our first debut product.  So our start up cost are high and we have to crawl before we walk.  We hope to be running in the near future and expand into many different colors. 

Do you have licensed brands like Disney or professional sport teams?

WE WISH!  We are just starting out and have to crawl before we walk.  We need to prove the product is highly desirable and then we can approach the major licensing brands and sport teams.  So please purchase from us and tell all your family and friends. Share our product on your social media sites.

Does it come in smaller or bigger sizes?

Not yet.  Since we are a start up company we are working on a budget.  More sizes results in more tooling for plastic injection molding. Tooling is expensive.  We chose a 7.5 inch sphere because it is large enough for two people to share from but small enough for individual use.